🤔🤔🤔 People always say that "You should learn English." or "English is very important." Why so???

👉👉👉 It is not really difficult to answer this question. These are 10 reasons why you should learn English to improve your life.

"🤔Tại sao mọi người cứ bảo bạn nên học tiếng Anh? Tại sao việc học tiếng Anh lại quan trọng?

👉 Đây là mười lý do để học tiếng Anh có thể cải thiện cuộc sống của bạn."


enlightenedFirst, most commonly spoken language of the world

enlightenedSecond, better chances of getting a good job

enlightenedThird, official languague of 53 countries 

enlightenedFourth, first language of 400 million people around the world

enlightenedFifth, language of media industry

enlightenedSixth, language of the Internet

enlightenedSeventh, learning a language expands your brain power

enlightenedEighth, based on a simple alphabet that is easy to learn

enlightenedNineth, great opportunities of further education

enlightenedTenth, meet people from all around the world and learn from other cultures through the language