Book Review Season 2 - Final Round

Only a few more days, we will know who is the champion of this intellectual contest.

The teams passed the qualifying round, participated in the Finals, followed the information below to have the best preparation for the competition of their teams.

  1. Host: Falcuty of Foreign Languages
  2. Time: 16:30, 17/12/2018
  3. Room: 709

Notice of qualifying results

December 7 morning, the faculty held the Qualification for "Book Review Season 2" contest with the participation of English Language classes. Through the exam sections, the judges announced the results of 5 classes (with scores from high to low) entering the Final Round on 14/12/2018 as follows:

  1. EL17A4
  2. EL18A1A
  3. EL18A2B
  4. EL16A2
  5. EL16A1